About Katy's Cafe

Katy Fallon’s love letter to her adopted hometown of Imperial Beach comes to you through Katy's Cafe.  Snuggled up next to the Pacific Ocean is where Katy and crew serve up hearty fare for breakfast and lunch, starting before the sun comes up.  On weekends you can enjoy one of their signature specialties like Biscuits and Gravy and surprise specials, depending on the day.  Many of the menu’s signature items are named after café regulars.  Be sure to peruse the extensive menu of custom coffee drinks, or ask them to derive a new tea drink just for you.

Welcome to Katy's.
A charming seaside jewel, the café moonlights as a surf and sea museum featuring art by local artists, and photographs of local wave legends and groms.  Be sure and look for surf icons and local legends among the customers, often described as “seacoast celebrities”. Katy’s Café sponsors an annual surf contest, Katy's Endless Summer Grom Surf Classic, and demonstrates customer appreciation every year with a party to commemorate the business’ unprecedented success.  Katy is involved in the community, often donating goods and services for civic causes and surfs I.B. as often as possible.  She prides herself of keeping the I.B. Lifeguards fueled and warm with fine fare and caffeine.  Consider Katy’s Café as a fun and friendly spot for your next event.

For those who remember the one-season HBO series, "John From Cincinnati," the cafe was not only popular with the Hollywood crew for dining, but also served as one of their regular shooting locations known as the "Imperial Beach Cafe." The clock with the words, "Property of Yost Boards," nestled between the chalkboard menus on the wall behind the counter is the lone reminder of the off-beat, yet colorful show that once filmed here. Rumor has it that the show's cafe owner, "Jerri," was modeled after Katy, but you'll have to come in, meet Katy and make that decision for yourself.

When visiting I.B., be sure to stop in, say "hi" and sample some of Katy's great food, dished up with a large helping of friendly service. If you're a surfer, she's always ready to talk about the day's local surf conditions and ask how well you did that day. If you don't find her there, she's probably in the lineup out back on the north side of the pier catching some well-deserved waves of her own. If you don't surf, no worries, you'll find the place just as welcoming for all who are ready to eat some good food, or just kick back and relax.  Come in and meet Katy or other members of the staff handpicked by Katy. Chances are you will walk away knowing why the Cafe’s motto is “Where friends meet and we serve it up hot!”

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