Good MorningKaty's cafe has quickly become my favorite spot for breakfast! I love the acai combo after an early morning workout and the coffee is always fresh!  Katy's is a comfortable home away from home that has served as a meeting point for all my friends; my girlfriend, Alex, loves the hammerhead mike's deluxe sandwich and the chill music. Thank you Katy for your delicious food, coffee and smiles!
Best regards, Renier


Welcome.I love being a regular at Katy's because of the overall atmosphere. It makes me feel half way between home and the beach. I go every Saturday morning with the same group of friends and I've even brought my family. Everyone loves Katy's! Make sure you try the combo bowl, you'll leave a better person! I couldn't ask for a warmer or more friendlier staff!
- Matt

704 Seacoast Drive, IB 92103

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